Vill helga sig í að bæta líf annarra. - ABC barnahjálp

Vill helga sig í að bæta líf annarra.

phil fyrsta mynd

Þetta er ástæða þess að ABC barnahjálp heldur áfram í þeirri trú og von að sýna kærleika í verki og styðja umkomulaus og fátæk börn til náms og betra lífs.

Phil Njiba byrjaði árið 2006 í ABC skólanum „Star of Hope“ í Nairobi, Kenýa, þá 13 ára gamall. Móðir hans var sjálfboðaliði í kirkju og faðir hans var atvinnulaus. Að loknu námi í Star of Hope hóf Phil nám í Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology eða í Landbúnaðar- og tækniháskólanum Jomo Kenyatta. Í dag er Phil útskrifaður með gráðu í landbúnaðarverkfræði og á framtíðina fyrir sér á því sviði.

Phil er afar þakklátur sínum styrktaraðila og ákvað að senda þetta þakkarbréf sem við birtum hér í heild sinni.

phil fyrsta myndPhil

Phil Njiba á yngri árum og svo árið 2017


This is Phil Njiba’s final letter after he completed his course in agricultural engineering. He will be graduating later on in the year.

„Greetings, to ABC’s management, the Kenyan fraternity, and especially to my sponsors. For quite sometime I have not known how to structure my words to express my gratitude. To show my appreciation for the help, the assistance, the love and the care that you have accorded me for the past 10 years (yeah!I know, it’s been that long). I don’t know what specific phrases to use to put it as I feel it in my heart.

I cannot pay you back, I cannot quantify it, there is absolutely no ways of putting that on a weighing scale to determine its worth. But one thing is for sure, its priceless. My life would definitely not have been the same or great as it will be, had God not used you to play such an important role in defining it. I want to say thank you from me and my family. My mother sends her heartfelt regards, she has always been speechless, out of gratitude.

I have but recently cleared my final exams for 5th year and I’m currently awaiting graduation later this year. I must admit that it was quite a journey, one that you made possible, and for that I’m forever indebted. I have the whole the whole world to me now, waiting to be conquered, which I shall. The project that I did was successful, and passed the board. I know that we will engage more. As for my when needed, I’m available and will devote my life to transform other people’s lives for the better as you have done for mine.

Yours Faithfully,

Phil Njiba Wanjiru

Graduate Engineer, JKUAT.“